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FS Apprenticeships

The Benefits of Employing an Apprentice

18 January 2019

Hire, Train, Motivate, Retain

Financial services apprenticeships are ideal if you want to develop your team at minimal cost. You can hire an apprentice or place existing staff on a scheme, meaning you don’t even necessarily need to increase your workforce.

Curious? We’ve chosen our top three benefits to give you a taste of how financial services apprenticeships could help your business.

Cost effective skill-booster

In order to complete a financial services apprenticeship, the candidate must complete relevant training. It’s very likely that you can get generous government funding to help with this training, minimising the cost.

During study, the candidate must also work as an employee. That means you don’t lose a member of staff while they are studying. They will immediately use their new skills in their day-to-day job role, meaning your business instantly benefits.

As a real bonus, an apprenticeship scheme can be tailored to your business. Whether you hire an apprentice or select from within, this results in a loyal, relevantly skilled employee for minimal expense.

Staff retainer

Apprenticeships show staff they are valued and that you care about their individual careers in finance. As a considerate employer, you want the best for your workforce. By investing in further training, you not only add advanced, specialised skills to your team but ensure your staff know they matter.

They are much more likely to stick around… and keep those fantastic new skills in-house.

Productivity prompter

It makes sense that happy, motivated, highly skilled staff will create a productive environment. Financial services apprenticeships support all of these things and increased productivity boosts your bottom line. Even staff who are not directly involved in the apprenticeship will be inspired by the energetic atmosphere.

Inject enthusiasm, new ideas and skills into your business with an apprenticeship and just imagine the possibilities.

Bonus benefit: support careers in finance

When you offer an apprenticeship, you offer people opportunities to further their careers in finance. Whether you hire an apprentice or place an existing staff member on a scheme, you are playing your part in advancing the industry as a whole and nurturing the next generation.

What a great bonus to something that also boosts your own business!

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