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DipFA Qualification & Training Course.

The Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) is a programme tailored for those aspiring to become accomplished financial advisers or for professionals looking to enhance their existing expertise. It teaches everything from planning finances to managing risks and behaving ethically.

With a strong focus on financial planning, investment strategies, risk management, and ethical practices, this FCA approved qualification offers a curriculum that prepares students to provide sound financial guidance and support to clients, ensuring their financial wellbeing and security.

Whether you’re starting your career in the financial industry or seeking to elevate your advisory capabilities, the DipFA qualification is the ideal pathway to success in this rewarding field.

Who is this qualification for?

Career changers

Mortgage Advisers & Paraplanners

Those in roles supporting financial planning processes

Qualification Structure:

The DipFA consists of 6 modules, each covering the different aspects of financial advice.

Module 1
Financial Services Regulation & Ethics (FSRE)

In Financial Services Regulation Ethics (FSRE), students learn the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of financial regulations while upholding high ethical standards, ensuring fair practices, and protecting the interests of clients and the financial market.

Assessment: 2-hour exam comprising 90 multiple-choice questions and 2 case studies with 5 multiple-choice questions.

Modules 2 to 6
Taxation, Investment, Protection, Retirement Planning, Coursework

In the Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) modules, students delve into advanced concepts of financial planning and advisory services. They learn to provide comprehensive financial advice, incorporating in-depth knowledge of investment strategies.

Modules 2-5: You will have a 90-minute test for each module, comprising 40 multiple choice questions and 2 case studies with 5 multiple choice questions.

Module 6: A coursework assignment based on a pre-released fact find, your tasked to write an essay in response.

Study Options

DipFA Webinar

Virtual Classroom

If you’re seeking a balance between the structure of a traditional classroom and the flexibility to study in a location that suits you, live online learning offers the ideal solution.

You can actively engage in real-time lectures and fully participate in the class, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your chosen setting. Additionally, all our lectures are recorded, so you have the option to catch up on any you might miss or revisit them for extra review.

Courses from £250+vat

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Why study with us?

Simply Academy has earned the prestigious title of Trusted Partner Status from The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF), which is the most prestigious recognition they offer. This accolade signifies that an organisation has proven its commitment to delivering top-notch training and customer service in the Financial Services sector.



More than 25,000 individuals have undertaken their studies with us giving you assurance in our experience.



Our selected training consultants rank among the most highly informed experts in the field.



We have government support and endorsement from recognised professional institutions.

Important Notice:

As the DipFA programme gains popularity, there has been an influx of dubious players in the market who are actively marketing low-quality DipFA courses through platforms like Google and Bing. These courses might be outdated or lack essential information, and the associated companies may not possess the necessary skills or experience to deliver DipFA training. If you require more information on selecting a reputable DipFA training provider, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our approachable student support team.

Frequently asked questions

What is DipFA?

DipFA, short for the Diploma for Financial Advisers, is a recognised professional qualification in the United Kingdom aimed at individuals seeking to become financial advisers. This diploma is typically pursued by those seeking a career change and those already working in the financial services industry looking to offer advice on various aspects of personal finance, including investments, retirement planning and insurance. This qualification is often the key step towards becoming a certified financial planner or working in other financial advisory roles.

Who is DipFA suitable for?

DipFA is suitable for individuals who aspire to work as financial advisers or professionals within the UK financial services industry. It is an ideal choice for those looking to build a career in providing personalised financial guidance to clients. Whether you’re starting out in the field or seeking to enhance your existing financial knowledge, Diploma for Financial Advisers offers a structured and comprehensive education in financial planning, regulatory compliance, and ethical conduct.

Many of our students like to study DipFA alongside our AdviserSkills course, which helps you to develop skills like record keeping, negotiation and time management. These skills are also vital for success as a financial adviser.

How long does it take to complete the DipFA qualification?

The time is takes to complete the DipFA qualification can vary depending on individual circumstances and study methods. Simply Academy students typically complete the programme within 6 months of part-time study. This duration includes attending tutorials, self-study, and preparing for the necessary exams and assessments. Some individuals may complete it more quickly if they have prior knowledge or experience, while others might take longer if they choose to study alongside other commitments.

What are the career prospects after achieving the DipFA qualification?

Achieving the DipFA qualification opens up a range of career prospects in the financial services industry, particularly in the field of financial advice. With DipFA, you can pursue roles as a financial adviser, wealth manager, or financial planner, working with individual clients or businesses to help them achieve their financial goals. Many financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and independent advisory firms, seek qualified individuals with a DipFA. Additionally, you can progress to more senior positions and potentially earn a higher income as you gain experience and establish a strong client base. The qualification can also be a stepping stone for further certifications which can enhance your career opportunities and earning potential.

Why choose to study DipFA with Simply Academy?

Choosing to study DipFA with Simply Academy offers several advantages. Simply Academy is a reputable training provider known for its comprehensive and high-quality study materials, experienced instructors, and supportive learning environment. Our commitment to student success is evident in our high pass rates and excellent student support, which includes access to tutors, practice exams, and study resources. By choosing Simply Academy for DipFA, you can benefit from a trusted platform that enhances your chances of successfully completing the qualification and advancing your career in financial advice.

Simply Academy is accredited as a trusted partner by The London Institute of Banking & Finance
Simply Academy is trusted by the Education & Skills Funding Agency
Simply Academy awarded the Highest Rated Courses Brilliance Award 2019 from CourseCheck
Simply Academy is FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) registered

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