Why is staff training and development important?

6 November 2020

A group of employees being given a staff training session.

Through the introduction of training and development in a professional setting, employees are able to expand their knowledge and understanding of a vast array of different skills and processes. When done correctly, this can be a positive move for the employee and business as a whole, but many business owners still fail to provide additional training and development to their workforce.

With many companies investing in their members of staff and believing in the importance of training and development, it could be worth considering, but just how important is it? In this blog, we explain exactly what staff training and development is before looking at the positive influence it could have on a business.

What is staff training and development?

Applicable to all industries, staff training and development is an interchangeable term for encouraging employees to improve their professional performance by facilitating opportunities to learn and gather information that relates to their role within the company. Training is the process of offering education and information to an employee, whereas development is more the effect it has on the individual’s long-term growth.

Common types of staff training and development include:

  • Skill development
  • Onboarding
  • Orientation
  • Product training
  • Health and safety training
  • Quality training
  • Team building exercises

For more advanced staff training and development, many companies outsource to a recognised training provider that can offer knowledge and guidance from a trusted source. Simply Academy’s corporate solutions, for example, provide this level of training for businesses in a finance or banking setting.

Some business owners believe staff training and development to be a worthwhile endeavour that improves employee happiness and increases productivity, while others see it as an unnecessary and costly method of bettering your workforce. However, given all the benefits, there’s every reason why it could be a pivotal component, both for a company and its employees.

Why is staff training important to an organisation?

The training and development of employees within a business pose benefits both for the individual members of staff and the organisation itself. It is an all encompassing positive for your business, with managers and business owners passing on their knowledge to other members of staff and newly-trained employees not only picking up new skills and potentially showing stronger performance but also feeling appreciated, invested in and more engaged.

As such, assessing the necessary training for each employee could result in a number of benefits including the ability to keep individual members of staff happy and content in their role, which is only likely to prolong their time at the company and encourage them to operate as a more effective and efficient member of staff.

It’s true that many companies may refrain from providing extensive staff training to their employees, but by acting in this way, employees could begin to feel disillusioned by the company and their opportunities to progress in the future. Staff training could be provided in a number of ways, and if it’s likely to lead to increased performance and a stronger retention of staff, it makes sense why so many businesses may consider implementing opportunities for training and development.

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