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Welcome to Simply Academy, where we take pride in offering cutting-edge financial services apprenticeship programmes designed to shape the future leaders of the industry. As your trusted partner in talent development, our apprenticeship initiatives are carefully crafted to align with the dynamic needs of the financial sector.

By choosing Simply Academy, you are investing in a partnership that goes beyond traditional training. Our comprehensive programmes not only equip apprentices with the essential knowledge but also foster practical skills through hands-on experiences. We understand the significance of a skilled workforce in the financial services landscape, and our commitment is to provide your organisation with top-tier professionals who can thrive in the ever-evolving financial world.

Together let’s shape the future of finance.

Build a Diverse, Skilled Workforce

Build a Diverse, Skilled Workforce

Upskill current employees or bring in fresh talent.

Boost Business Outcomes

Boost Business Outcomes

Apprenticeships offer practical skills for learners to apply in the workplace.

Government Funding

Government Funding

Minimise training and recruitment costs by accessing apprenticeship funding.

Discover the power of apprenticeships in shaping your business.

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Our apprenticeship programmes cater exclusively to employers and professionals, Reach out to one of our knowledgeable advisers for further information.

Our Programmes

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Level 3 Financial Services Administrator

The Financial Services Administrator Apprenticeship is a comprehensive programme that prepares individuals for a successful career in finance. Through a mix of theory and hands-on experience, apprentices develop technical and essential interpersonal skills making this an ideal entry point for a number of roles.

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Level 3 Insurance Practitioner

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme is designed to prepare individuals for a successful career in the insurance sector. Through hands-on experience and expert guidance, apprentices acquire the skills necessary to thrive in various roles related to insurance operations.

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Smiling woman in conversation with an older gentleman wearing a suit.

Level 3 Mortgage Adviser

The Mortgage Adviser Apprenticeship Programme helps individuals kickstart a successful career in guiding people through the mortgage process. It provides practical training on mortgage products, financial rules, and client communication, making it a valuable starting point for a rewarding career as a mortgage adviser.

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Young professional wearing a suit talking to two clients.

Level 4 Financial Adviser

The Financial Adviser Apprenticeship Programme is a practical way for individuals to start successful careers in financial guidance. It covers key areas like financial planning and investment strategies, providing hands-on experience to help clients make informed financial decisions. It’s a great starting point for those aiming to become successful financial advisers.

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Why study with us?

Simply Academy has achieved the esteemed designation of Trusted Partner Status from The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF), the highest honour bestowed by the institute. This recognition indicates that we have demonstrated dedication to providing exceptional training and customer service within the financial services sector.



Over 1,000 people have successfully completed their apprenticeships with us.



Our diligently chosen coaches rank among the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.



We have the support of the government and the endorsement of recognised professional institutions.

Frequently asked questions

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes that combine on-the-job learning with professional tuition. They provide individuals, often young adults, with the opportunity to gain practical skills and experience within a specific profession while earning a wage.

Simply Academy apprentices work under the guidance of experienced mentors, building hands on expertise, Our financial apprenticeships offer a pathway for individuals to enter and advance in various roles and help employers foster a skilled and loyal workforce.

How do apprenticeships benefit employers?

Our financial services apprenticeships provide a cost-effective way to recruit and develop talent. Employers can train apprentices according to their company culture and needs, reducing the expense and time associated with traditional recruitment

Employers benefit by gaining a skilled and dedicated workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning and loyalty among employees.

What are the funding options for supporting an apprentice?

Apprentices need to be under a PAYE employment arrangement and cannot be self-employed.

We recommend that employers offer a competitive salary, reflective of the apprentice’s workload and studies, to attract top candidates to their job openings.

What is the apprentice levy?

For apprentices aged 16-18 there’s no cost to the employee’s tuition providing the employer employs less than 50 people.

For those aged 19 and older, the government covers 95% of tuition fees, with the employer contributing only 5%. In addition to tuition fees you might be able to get an additional payment of £1,000, depending on the apprentice you hire.

These incentives make our financial services professional apprenticeship programmes a financially efficient training solution for businesses both large and small.

Can you utilise apprenticeships to upskill existing staff members?

Yes, apprenticeships can be utilised to upskill existing staff members. Employers can offer apprenticeship training to current employees as a means of enhancing their skills and advancing their careers within the company. This approach supports ongoing professional development and contributes to a more skilled and versatile workforce.

How does Simply Academy support your business?

Each year, we engage hundreds of financial services businesses, aiding them in securing individuals equipped with the necessary skills for company expansion. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, without any recruitment fees.

An industry-experienced coach will guide and support your apprentice throughout their programme and as an approved and seasoned training provider working within financial services, we facilitate apprentices in attaining their professional qualifications.

Simply Academy is accredited as a trusted partner by The London Institute of Banking & Finance
Simply Academy is trusted by the Education & Skills Funding Agency
Simply Academy awarded the Highest Rated Courses Brilliance Award 2019 from CourseCheck
Simply Academy is FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) registered

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