The Mortgage Adviser Career Path

20 December 2018

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve decided that a career as a mortgage adviser could be for you. Congratulations! Mortgage advisers earn a great salary while using respected professional skills to help people. It’s a great career choice.

At Simply Academy we’re here to guide you on your journey to becoming a mortgage adviser. If you’re curious about where this journey could lead, read on to discover more about the mortgage adviser career path…

Pick a mortgage adviser course

In order to offer mortgage advice you must hold a recognised qualification. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice, commonly referred to as ‘CeMAP’, is the perfect course to set you on the right path to a mortgage adviser career.

The Level 3 CeMAP prepares you with all the industry knowledge and expertise to start offering mortgage advice as soon as you’ve qualified. It’s respected throughout the industry and truly is a great place to get started.

Those looking to expand their knowledge of the broader financial services environment can also undertake the Level 4 Advanced CeMAP diploma, which supplies you with the training needed to provide your clients with high-quality, ethical advice.

Pick a mortgage advice training provider

When you set out on any path the chances of successfully making it to your destination are boosted by having the right guide. At Simply Academy we’ve been training mortgage advisers for years. We exclusively specialise in training for the financial sector and are experts in our field. We hold the map; let us show you the way!

Get qualified to be a mortgage adviser

The CeMAP is an extremely popular course and you can study it in whichever way suits you best: classroom environment, distance/home learning or as part of an apprenticeship. Choose your preferred learning style and we’ll support you at every step.

Once you pass your exams and hold your certificate, your mortgage adviser career is in sight.

Start advising clients

Everything to this point has been leading to the moment you actually begin advising your first clients. All your hard work has paid off and you have begun your rewarding new career.

You can advise clients as an independent mortgage adviser or find employment at a bank, building society or mortgage broker. People will always need mortgages and your skills will always be in demand.

The mortgage adviser career path continues…

Once you hold your Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice and begin your mortgage adviser career, that’s not the end of the journey. You have exciting prospects to build on your skills and boost your salary through further learning and experience.

The CeMAP qualification is the perfect foundation for qualifications which can hone your skills as a mortgage adviser and take your career in a slightly different direction. Now comes the time to choose your own path, but we’ll always be here to offer guidance and support.

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