The benefits of corporate training programmes

1 June 2021

A woman in a corporate training class

As well as working with individuals who want to start a new career in Financial Advice, Simply Academy also offers a range of corporate solutions to meet the specific requirements of our corporate clients.

Corporate solutions are a very effective way to train your company’s employees, and we have delivered successful training programmes to large and small companies around the world.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of corporate training solutions and how to go about setting up a corporate training programme for your business.

What are corporate solutions?

Corporate solutions is a wide-reaching term that covers services put into place at a corporate level. They are based upon specialist knowledge, industry best practices and modern technologies, and can be used to serve both internal requirements and those of the company’s business partners.

This could include corporate finance solutions to address issues such as how a business can improve its financial efficiency and how to get financial support for a business. It can refer to corporate management solutions and, of course, it also covers corporate training solutions.

How do corporate training solutions work?

Our Corporate Client Team have designed and delivered corporate training solutions for many of the world’s leading banking and financial companies.

They take the time to know your business and your training goals so that you’ll receive a training solution that meets your exact needs. You can choose from our well-established range of financial services courses such as CeMAP or DipFA, or alternatively our team can create a tailored solution to suit your business’ specific requirements and circumstances.

You can contact our Corporate Client Team on Freephone 0808 208 0002 or by email at [email protected].

What are the benefits of corporate training solutions?

Of course, one of the major benefits of a corporate training programme is that you will receive training that precisely meets the training requirements of your business. But there are a number of other corporate training benefits as well:

More Efficient Training

Instead of sending your employees to study training courses individually, a corporate training programme allows you to train several of your staff at one time. The training can take place either at your own company premises or at one of our six training centres in city centre locations across England Wales. This is a much more efficient way to train your staff for the best possible results.

Increased Performance and Productivity

Effective training helps staff to improve their skills so that they can perform their role to a higher standard, but many employees feel that lack of training is stopping them from achieving their full potential. Investing in corporate training will lead to your employees feeling more enthusiastic and confident about their abilities. They’ll see better results in their work and your business will see improved productivity.

Boost Staff Morale and Motivation

Investing in training shows your employees that they are valued and helps to create a positive and supportive work environment. Employees who feel appreciated at work will have greater job satisfaction, leading to higher motivation and morale which then feeds back into better performance.

Better Staff Retention

Staff who receive poor training or no training at all often feel dissatisfied at work, and are more likely to look elsewhere for employment within their first year. Employees who receive excellent training opportunities are far less likely to leave their job so by providing high quality corporate training, you could see better staff retention rates. This will also have the effect of reducing your company’s recruitment costs.

Attract Top Talent

Training is viewed as a desirable employee benefit and ambitious candidates are likely to look more favourably upon employers who provide a strong training programme. An effective corporate training programme will enhance your company’s reputation as an employer, and make it easier for you to attract top talent to your business.

Simply Academy are the UK’s largest training provider for the banking and finance sector, and we have been providing high quality training programmes since 2006. Our courses are trusted by individuals and businesses of all sizes, and our experienced tutors and clear course materials give your employees their best opportunity to pass first time.

If you’d like to discuss corporate training solutions for your company, email our Corporate Client Team on [email protected] or call us on Freephone 0808 208 0002.

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