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Financial Advice

Is Financial Advice A Good Career?

3 December 2019

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Financial advice makes a great career if you enjoy using your skills and helping people. This line of work also offers impressive earning potential.

Here are a few reasons why you should be considering a career as a financial adviser:

1. Using your skills and talents

Many people do not get the opportunity to make the most of their skills. Once you gain the right certification and become a financial adviser, you will get to put your skills and knowledge to good use every day.

2. Holding a respected, valued position

As a financial adviser, clients will approach you for your professional guidance. They will not only value your input, but likely make big financial decisions on your advice. There is a real sense of pride in genuinely helping clients in this way.

3. Unlimited earning potential

As a financial adviser, you may earn a salary, charge a fee, work on commission or a combination of these things. Depending on how you chose to earn, your potential income could be unlimited.

4. Flexible working hours

Once you are qualified, depending on what kind of employment you seek, you may have the opportunity to choose flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle.

5. The option to specialise

If you want to, you can choose to specialise in offering financial advice to a particular group of people e.g. entrepreneurs, the young or retired.

6. Opportunities to diversify

Once you become a financial adviser you could complete further training to diversify your skills. This broadens your prospective client base and boosts your earning potential.

How to become a financial adviser

If you like the sound of a career in financial advice, the industry welcomes newcomers from all walks of life. Whether you are just entering the world of work or looking for a career change, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Getting started is simple: all you need is a DipFA (Diploma for Financial Advisers). Once you hold this qualification, which can take just nine months of part-time study to complete, you are ready to begin your new and exciting career as a professional adviser.

Find out more

If you agree that financial advice sounds like a good career and would like to learn more about DipFA training with Simply Academy, get in touch with our friendly team today. We are on hand to answer all your questions.

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