Is DipFA worth it?

26 June 2023

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If you’re interested in a career as a financial adviser, the DipFA qualification could be exactly what you need to get you started in this field – but what is DipFA, is this certification worth it, and what are the advantages to completing this particular course?

In this guide, we explain what the DipFA qualification is, how long it takes to complete, how much you can expect it to cost, as well as the ways in which gaining this qualification could benefit you and the trajectory of your career. Keep reading to find out more. 

What is the DipFA qualification? 

DipFA stands for the Diploma for Financial Advisers and it is the minimum qualification level you need in order to practise as a financial adviser, as stated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Once you have passed, you will be legally able to offer professional financial advice. DipFA is acknowledged as being one of the most highly regarded financial adviser qualifications.

DipFA has been specifically designed for those who may not have any existing knowledge or prior experience of the financial industry, making it the ideal choice if you want to break into a new career within this sector. It can also be a suitable qualification for those who already work in finance and want to expand upon their service offering. 

How long does DipFA take? 

How long it takes to complete the DipFA qualification will depend on each student’s circumstances. Typically speaking, you can expect to have completed your qualification after as little as nine months of part-time study.

The DipFA course is split into two units. Unit 1 is known as Financial Services Regulation Ethics (FSRE) and provides a comprehensive introduction to the industry. Unit 2 is referred to as Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) and builds upon the foundations of Unit 1 to teach you how to apply your knowledge in your role as a financial adviser. 

Both units are followed by an assessment. The assessment for unit one is a 2-hour multiple choice exam, while unit two requires assessment through a combination of coursework and a three-hour written exam. 

How much does DipFA cost?

At Simply Academy, the cost breakdown of our DipFA course is as follows:

  • FSRE (only) £595+VAT
  • AFA1 (only) £345+VAT
  • AFA2 (only) £345+VAT

While you can sign up to each unit individually, enrolling on both at the same time means you can save £100.

Our DipFA course is virtual, meaning you will study online. The FSRE unit is completed over a period of five days, in which time you will attend 10 tutorial sessions. Units AFA1 and AFA1 are split over a period of two days each, both of which comprise of four tutorials.

The initial examination entry fee for the DipFA course is £1050.

What are the benefits of DipFA? 

If you’re not sure whether DipFA is right for you, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of this qualification. Here are three of the main advantages to enrolling in the DipFA course.

1. Progress your career

By completing the DipFA course, you’ll be in a great position to progress with your career. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start with a career in finance or you’re keen to expand upon your existing skills and knowledge, this qualification has the potential to open you up to a world of new opportunities.

2. Study at your own pace

While you could complete your studies within as little as nine months, there is the option to study at your own pace. This means that you’re able to fit your studies around any other responsibilities you might have, including work, family commitments and even your social life.

3. No previous knowledge or experience needed

Even if you don’t have any existing knowledge or previous experience of working within the finance industry, the DipFA qualification can be suitable you. There are no specified entry requirements to study this course, meaning you don’t need to have achieved any previous certification prior to enrolment. 

You can complete your DipFA qualification with Simply Academy. Our classes are led by knowledgeable, experienced and approachable professionals, and you will receive the support you need throughout the duration of your studies. Visit our DipFA course page to find out more.

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