How to motivate yourself to study at home

24 October 2019

Woman working from home sat on a sofa with a laptop on her knee

The CeMAP course is a fantastic entry point to an exciting new career. Once you hold your certificate you are able to begin working as a professional mortgage adviser.

To reach their career goals, many people choose to self-study online via CeMAP e-learning. However, working remotely is not without its challenges and it’s important to stay motivated.

Why do people choose to self-study?

Students from all backgrounds and life stages decide to study the CeMAP course. This often means that they face challenges when it comes to finding the time to study. There is no ‘typical’ CeMAP student and there are various obstacles people must overcome which makes self-study the perfect option:

– Already working
Lots of people begin the CeMAP e-learning course while they are already working full or part time.

– Other time constraints
Aside from work, students may have children or other obligations which limit their time.

– Setting the pace
Classroom learning can feel too fast-paced for some.

– A dislike of classrooms
Some people simply hate the idea of ‘going back to school’.

The CeMAP e-learning option empowers you to learn at your own pace in a comfortable environment. You can study where and when you like in order to fit around any schedule.

Our top five tips to motivate yourself to study at home

Although self-study can sound ideal, it is not without its own challenges. You study online so there is no teacher looking over your shoulder to make sure you are getting on with tasks. It can be tempting to slow down the pace.

However, the rewards of completing the CeMAP can be life-changing. It’s important that you learn to stay motivated.

1. Get started
Stop avoiding study and make a start. Even if you go online and complete just ten minutes of study, that’s ten minutes more than before you got started.

2. Create a study timetable
Break up your work into manageable chunks then set targets, no matter how small, and stick to them.

3. Focus on the goal
You have already invested in your ambition to become CeMAP qualified. Focus on your goal and let that drive you.

4. Remember – you can do this!
Self-study can be isolating and you might feel overwhelmed at times. Take a deep breath and re-focus. You can do this! Approach work with that confident attitude and it will give you a motivational boost.

5. Reward yourself
Set targets and then reward yourself for completing them. With self-study you make the rules so choose whatever will encourage you best; a chocolate bar, a cup of tea, a stroll in the sunshine…the choice is yours. The ultimate reward for your hard work will be your CeMAP qualification and the chance to start an exciting new career.

We’re here to help

When you choose CeMAP e-learning with Simply Academy, we’re on hand if you get stuck. If you need help at any point, get in touch with us and we can offer help and support. It’s self-study, but you’re not all on your own.

To find out more about CeMAP e-learning or any of our other courses, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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