A Guide to Looking for CeMAP Qualified Jobs

14 December 2015

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Having completed your CeMAP training and gained your regulatory qualification, now is the time to think about your next steps and find the dream job role you have been aiming for. Finding any job role can be difficult, especially if it’s within an ever growing industry, but having gained your CeMAP qualification will hold you in good stead with potential employers looking for qualified mortgage advisers to join their company.

If you don’t know where to start in your job search, then this helpful guide may assist you in finding the perfect mortgage adviser role.

How to find a job after CeMAP?

Embarking on a career in the mortgage industry is a rewarding endeavour, and obtaining the CeMAP qualification is a significant step toward achieving success in this field. However, making the transition from certification to employment can be tricky. Below we explore a few of the most common ways to find a job in the industry after completing your CeMAP training.

Job boards – Trawling through job boards may sound monotonous but they are your best bet in finding the vast variety of positions currently available. Large corporate companies like banks and estate agency chains advertise positions using job boards, but so do the smaller independent companies, so this will give you a wider choice and idea of the type of company you are looking to work for. You can also filter the job boards using specific key words such as CeMAP and Mortgage Adviser, so this will guarantee you are looking at jobs that are right for you.

Company websites – If you have always wanted to work for that one specific company, then it is always worth checking their website to see if they are advertising any vacancies. This way you may even get a personal contact to send your CV through to, or if they are not currently recruiting, you may be able to send over your CV for them to keep on file for when they do hire in the future.

Social media – Over the last few year’s social media has become instrumental in keeping the world connected, and this can be a great way of finding a mortgage adviser role. Professional networks such as LinkedIn are used by companies and recruiters looking for the perfect candidate for their job role, so ensuring you are visible to them and they can see you are CeMAP qualified can boost your chances of landing a position.

Recruitment companies – Specialising in what the company and the candidate are looking for in a job role, recruitment companies can source jobs that specifically match your requirements and skill set. Most will take their time to discuss what you are looking for and put you forward for the best suited role.

Recommendations – You may have gained interest in becoming a mortgage adviser because a friend or family member works in the same industry, so it can be helpful to talk to them and see if they know of any available positions or can advise you of an avenue you may not have thought of when job hunting. If there is a position available in the company they work for, they may be able to recommend you for it.

For more information on our CeMAP courses and the future career prospects they bring, get in touch with our friendly team today. Remember to visit our dedicated job board where there are over 600 jobs listed for CeMAP qualified advisers around the UK as you may just find the perfect position for you!

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