What Will the CMAcert Teach You?

8 September 2017

A financial adviser's hands are seen using a calculator to check through mortgage application paperwork.

The Competent Mortgage Adviser certificate (CMAcert) is a great follow on course for newly CeMAP qualified mortgage advisers, providing practical know-how of the job role and giving you a head start when beginning a new job in this exciting sector. But what exactly will the CMAcert course teach you, and how will it be of benefit in your new job?

While a CeMAP course will teach you the regulatory side of the mortgage adviser job role, going straight in to a new job can be daunting if you are completely new to the industry. The CMAcert training breaks down the day-to-day tasks you will face to give you a full understanding of what you can expect and teaches you how to deal with it. The course is split down in to 5 units:

Unit 1 – Finding Your Client

This unit will help you understand how to continually gain new clients and keep them. As you know, in any business, finding clients and retaining them is essential, so honing these skills will be hugely beneficial to you as an adviser, as well as your potential or current employer.

Unit 2 – Introduction and Information Gathering

Unit 2 will help you hone your skills when dealing with clients, particularly covering aspects such as structuring appointments, gaining specific information for your recommendations, and learning how to explain the processes and costs to the client to help them with these very important decisions.

Unit 3 – Agreeing Protection Needs

Providing your clients with the correct protection is an important part of the mortgage process. Unit 3 will help you build the necessary knowledge and skills you will need to advise your clients on the most suitable cover and insurances to suit their individual needs, including life cover, critical illness, income protection and house insurance.

Unit 4 – Mortgage and Protection Recommendation

This unit will nurture your ability to put together and present the mortgage and protection package tailored to your clients’ specific needs, as well as giving you an insight into the software used to gain lender information. This is an important part of the job role and knowledge of this will be a vital attribute to any new adviser.

Unit 5 – The Sign Up

The sign-up unit will focus on the house buying process, covering both the mortgage and protection application form procedures. This integral part of the process is where all your hard work of obtaining client information, discussing the right protection needed, and developing your tailored package to the client will come to fruition.

Unit 6 – Formal Assessment

Once you have completed all 5 mandatory units, you will have a formal assessment in unit 6 to test your competency on the above areas. This will consist of assessments, activities and case studies, and a summary of your portfolio developed throughout the course will also be considered at this stage. Upon passing your formal assessment, you will receive your Competent Mortgage Adviser certificate and can download and use your digital workbook as a record of achievement to show potential employers that you have obtained these vital skills.

If you would like to find out more about the CMAcert qualification, or how to become a mortgage adviser, please do visit our course pages or alternatively contact our friendly student support team for more information on 01279 874 430.

The CMAcert programme has been withdrawn and is not currently open to new enrolments.

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