Who should consider getting the CeMAP Diploma?

30 May 2023

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Thinking of taking the next step in your professional development? Or perhaps you’re considering starting a career in mortgage advice, and want to know which pathway to take. 

If you already hold a CeMAP Level 3 or equivalent qualification in mortgage advice, the next goal to aim at is the Level 4 CeMAP Diploma. 

Read on to find out more about the CeMAP Diploma, including what it covers and how long it takes. And crucially, we’ll also take a look at some of the many doors that this highly respected qualification can open for you in your career. 


What does the CeMAP Diploma cover?

For those who are new to CeMAP, it’s the Certificate in Mortgage Advice. It’s an industry-standard qualification for mortgage advisors, recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and awarded by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).

There are several modules to CeMAP, and the Level 4 CeMAP Diploma is the most advanced qualification of them all. It’s a step above the Level 3 qualification required by the FCA to become a qualified Mortgage Advisor. 

A holder of a Level 4 CeMAP Diploma is able to do more than meet the minimum requirements to work within the industry. They can demonstrate a deeper understanding of the residential lending sector, and of the financial services environment more broadly. 

The Level 4 CeMAP Diploma covers Advanced Mortgage Advice (AMA). This final module encompasses all the technical areas needed to deliver high quality regulated mortgage advice. The module includes topics such as:

  • The house-buying processes
  • Property details and surveys
  • The mortgage market
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Mortgage fees and associated changes
  • Arrears and non-payment of mortgages
  • Different types of borrowers and tailoring advice to their needs
  • Mortgage lending and specialist areas. 


How long does a CeMAP Diploma take?

The Level 4 CeMAP Diploma is split into two parts – AMA coursework and the AMA exam.

The coursework takes around two days, across four tutorials. Preparation for the exam takes three days, spread across six tutorials. 

On average though, it can take up to six months to complete the CeMAP Diploma, including time to prepare, study, complete coursework and sit the exam. 


What can you do with a CeMAP Diploma?

So, why obtain a Level 4 CeMAP Diploma, when only a Level 3 is required to become a qualified mortgage advisor? There are actually a number of reasons why it could be a critical qualification for your future career. 

Let’s run through just a few of the main benefits and opportunities the CeMAP Diploma could lead to:

  • Promotion to higher level mortgage advisor roles, including the chance to work for more prestigious organisations
  • The credibility to set up as a trusted independent mortgage advisor, working for yourself
  • More senior roles in other related financial services, such as protection advisor or private banking assistant working with high value clients. 
  • A competitive edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, whether at your existing firm or when looking to move to a new organisation.
  • The opportunity to earn a higher salary as a mortgage advisor at an established or leading firm within the industry. 


So, is the CeMAP Diploma worth it? You may be considering the cost, or the study time required to take an extra qualification. But the rewards can make it well worth having. You’ll make yourself and your skills much more valuable, and it could lead to exciting opportunities for your career. 

Get in touch to find out more about the CeMAP qualification and how to choose the best course for you.

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