What is the London Institute of Banking & Finance?

14 February 2024

The Royal Exchange in the City of London, close to where the LIBF is based.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) is a big deal when it comes to financial qualifications. A registered charity and professional body incorporated by Royal Charter, it is the UK’s leading institution for providing education, official qualifications, and research in banking, finance, and other related fields. However, if you are looking to gain a qualification in mortgage or financial advice, how will LIBF impact you in practice?

In this guide, we take a deep dive into the role of LIBF in financial qualifications, from explaining what this organisation actually does to outlining how its role as an awarding body works. Carry on reading for all you need to know about LIBF.


What do LIBF do?


LIBF was founded in 1879 as the Institute of Bankers and has maintained the same focus and key missions ever since. That is to provide professional support in the form of qualifications and resources for those involved in the financial services industry. As of 2024, LIBF offers close to 100 different courses across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, professional qualifications and short courses.


Ranging from Diplomas for Financial Advisers (DipFA) and Certificates in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP), to Certificates in Business Banking (CertBB) and BSc undergraduate degrees in Banking & Finance, the courses the LIBF offer cover a wide range of the financial sector. As we will discuss in more detail below, LIBF is also an awarding body for professional qualifications in banking and finance in the UK and abroad.


As well as providing educational support and qualifications, LIBF is also involved in a range of research initiatives and collaborations with various industry partners. This sees the organisation commission academic studies and surveys, as well as contribute to universally-accepted best practice guidelines within the financial services sector.


Is LIBF an awarding body?


Yes. LIBF acts as an awarding body that has the power to issue officially recognised qualifications that are regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). Operating as an industry awarding body means it is the responsibility of LIBF to ensure all qualifications it offers, as well as those of its Trusted Partners, meet the high standards of quality and relevance expected by Ofqual.


As an awarding body, LIBF also works with a range of industry experts to keep qualifications as up to date as possible, as well as to devise new qualifications that best suit the needs of financial services students in the modern sector.


What is LIBF Trusted Partner status?


Put simply, LIBF Trusted Partner status is a designation that is awarded to organisations that meet the institute’s high standards when it comes to delivering financial training and qualifications. Providers that have this status have demonstrated a consistent commitment to maintaining high-quality educational programs, supporting student success, and upholding the values and ethos of LIBF.


Naturally, when it comes to prospective students, LIBF Trusted Partner status provides assurance which can improve enrollment. It demonstrates that the provider in question has undergone official evaluation and has met high teaching standards.


In 2020, Simply Academy was made a LIBF Trusted Partner. Securing this accolade underscores Simply Academy’s exemplary provision of student support services, our exceptional collection of seasoned instructors, and the excellence of our training venues across the country. Most importantly, it highlights the high quality of our training programmes and our adeptness in accommodating diverse learning preferences through a blend of structured instruction and practical application.


You can study a number of LIBF accredited courses with Simply Academy. This includes our CeMAP course for aspiring mortgage advisers and our DipFA course for those looking to become qualified financial advisers. To start your journey today, get in touch with our friendly team. Whatever career pathway you are looking to take, here at Simply Academy we can help you take those all important first steps into a career in the financial services industry.

Simply Academy is accredited as a trusted partner by The London Institute of Banking & Finance
Simply Academy is trusted by the Education & Skills Funding Agency
Simply Academy awarded the Highest Rated Courses Brilliance Award 2019 from CourseCheck
Simply Academy is FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) registered

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