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Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Adviser Qualifications

14 March 2018

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP® for short) is the most widely recognised mortgage adviser qualification in the UK with over 80% of all advisers holding this qualification. By completing CeMAP® you will gain vital insight into the role as a mortgage adviser, setting you in good stead to gain employment in one of many financial institutions or potentially look to offer your services as an independent adviser.

The CeMAP qualification comprises three separate modules which are further broken down in to subsequent units per module. CeMAP module 1 – UK Financial Regulation (UKFR) is split in to two units and should take around 50 study hours to complete:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products (ITFS) which includes areas such as economic policy and financial regulation, UK taxation, pensions and life cover, as well as key legal concepts.

Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation (UKFS) covers aims and activities set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulations and conduct, as well as consumer rights.

CeMAP module 2 – Mortgages (MORT) includes four units and should take a further 50 study hours:

Unit 3 – Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets (MLPP) will help develop your understanding of the mortgage and property markets, regulations and laws, as well as the types of borrowers.

Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications (MAPP) gives more in-depth insight in to the role of the mortgage adviser and will cover how to assess applicants financial and credit status as well as other factors to be included in the lending decision.

Unit 5 – Mortgage Payment Methods and Products (MPMP) will explain repayment methods and interest rate options, as well as further mortgage related products such as insurances.

Unit 6 – Mortgage Arrears and Post-Completions Issues (MAPC) concludes the module by covering raising additional funds for property and arrears and dept management.

CeMAP module 3 includes just one unit and should take around 20 study hours:

Unit 7 – Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM) will provide you with mortgage related scenarios to help you gain a better understanding of real life cases and test the knowledge you have developed throughout the modules.

Once you have completed each module it is recommended to sit your module examination as soon as possible to ensure the information is still fresh in your mind. Each computer-based examination is 2 hours long and comprises multiple choice questions, with CeMAP module 3 based on case studies. After successful completion of all examinations, you will receive your full certification directly from the awarding body and you are able to use the designation ‘CeMAP’ after your name to prove your newly qualified status.

If you would like to discuss how Simply Academy can assist you with completing your CeMAP® training to gain your regulatory qualification, please do get in touch with our friendly student support team on 01279 874 430 for further information. We look forward to welcoming you on to your chosen course.

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