How to prepare for the CeMAP exam

20 June 2018

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Sitting an exam can be a daunting prospect. Whether it be further education, a driving theory test, or for a professional qualification like CeMAP, knowing that the only thing standing in the way of reaching your goal is to pass an exam can put you under a lot of pressure. So, how can you keep focused and complete your exams with confidence?

In this guide, here at Simply Academy, we provide our tips for getting yourself ready for the CeMAP exams.

How to get ready for CeMAP: step-by-step advice

1. Change your mindset

Firstly, try to think of it in a different way. If you are studying to sit your CeMAP exams, try not to think about the exams as an obstacle standing in your way, but more like a gateway to the new and exciting career you are aiming for; you just have to unlock it with the knowledge and skills you have developed throughout your learning.

2. Use specialist learning tools

There are always tools that can be used to help in preparing for an examination, and it is important to utilise those tools to ensure they can be of the most benefit to you. Whether you are studying our e-learning or Fast Track classroom-based courses, you will be fully equipped with the tools needed to become exam ready. Your CeMAP revision guide will help you with your exam preparation and can be used alongside your course material to review and absorb as you revise. Sometimes a revision schedule can help you plan what you want to cover in a particular time period, therefore avoiding trying to cram too much information in one go.

3. Make use of past papers

Your study course will also include CeMAP exam questions to help with your revision. These questions are some of hundreds of active test questions set by the awarding body so will not only test your knowledge of the subject but also show you how the questions will be set out when you come to sit your exam. Why not use these CeMAP exam questions and set yourself a timed test to simulate an exam sitting; that way you can practice under exam conditions to help you fully prepare?

4. Check out our general exam preparation guide

While all exams are different and therefore require different levels of preparation, there are a number of general tips all those sitting any form of exam should take. From getting a good night’s sleep the night before your exam to ensuring you are not neglecting to look after your body during the revisions process, any marginal gain you can achieve can help you achieve the exam result you want. Check out Simply Academy’s full exam preparation guide.

As your training provider, Simply Academy are here to help

The important thing when you come to book your CeMAP exam is that you feel ready and confident. That is why Simply Academy are on hand to help our students every step of the way of their learner journey. To find out more about how Simply Academy can help you achieve your CeMAP qualification, please get in touch with our friendly support team on 0808 208 0002 or visit our CeMAP web page for more details.

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