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13 August 2019

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An essential part of becoming CeMAP qualified is passing your exams. For some people, however, the idea of sitting any kind of test fills them with dread and CeMAP exams are no different. The good news is that Simply Academy are here to offer support to ensure you’re prepared with all the knowledge and training you need to pass, but also to help minimise your exam stress.

Here are our top five tips to effectively deal with CeMAP exam stress:

Set realistic goals

When it comes to revision, if you try and tackle everything all at once, you may feel overwhelmed and panic may set in. In this state of mind, you’re highly unlikely to be productive and that will only make your exam stress worse.

Instead, consider breaking revision down into manageable chunks that will fit into the time you’ve got. Be realistic and set goals that are achievable. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement as you get through your revision and will soon achieve your goals.

Eat, sleep and stay hydrated

If you start to feel stressed in the run up to your CeMAP exams, you may find yourself slipping into bad habits with diet, sleep and exercise.

Convenient, unhealthy food may seem tempting but will not help your exam stress levels nor your ability to concentrate. Take time to eat some healthy food including slow release carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water while cutting down on caffeine and make sure you include at least half an hour of exercise in your schedule each day. This way you’ll ensure your brain and body are hydrated and have a good supply of oxygen to perform at their best. You’ll also enjoy some stress-busting endorphins as well.


It may sound silly but breathing can really help beat exam stress. Either before or during your CeMAP exams, if you start to feel overwhelmed then take a moment to take some slow, deep breaths. You will not only feel calmer and better able to focus but you’ll also send plenty of oxygen to your brain, helping it work on those CeMAP questions.

Take your time

Yes, you have got a time limit for your CeMAP exams, but don’t panic and rush. This will only increase your stress levels and you’ll stop thinking clearly. Instead, concentrate, read the questions properly and answer once you’ve thought clearly.

Believe in yourself

You’ve done all the training you need to do. You’ve completed practise papers and re-read your notes. You’re ready! Focus, trust in your training and your exams will be over before you know it. Good luck!

When you study with Simply Academy, we make sure you have everything you need to pass your CeMAP exams first time. If you’re interested in booking a course or would like to find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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