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Mortgage Advice

How to become a successful mortgage adviser

13 November 2018

Mortgage advice makes for a highly rewarding, potentially very lucrative career. Even if you’ve got no past experience of working in the financial sector, you can still train for this profession… and there are just three simple steps to follow.


Step 1 – Decide if a mortgage advisor career is right for you

If you decide a mortgage advisor career is right for you, then you can look forward to offering a service which is in constant demand while helping people at a critical time in their lives.

Mortgage advisors use their professional skills and knowledge to help clients choose and apply for mortgage products.

To start advising clients you’ll need to hold a recognised qualification. However, to develop a successful career it’s also important that you have a few key skills which will place you ahead of other advisors:

  • Passion

An interest in what you do and an enthusiasm for the products you suggest will help your clients to trust your advice. Not only this, if you’re passionate about your work, you’ll enjoy it!

  • Adaptability

You can’t simply offer the same advice to everybody as each client has their own unique set of circumstances. Your task is to listen to the needs of each client and offer advice specifically tailored to them.

  • People skills

Great people skills will be a huge asset in your mortgage advisor career. You’ll spend your time listening to clients and then communicating your thoughts back to them. If you genuinely like helping people, chances are you’ve got good people skills already.

  • Accuracy

It’s essential that the advice you offer clients is trustworthy as they will potentially make big life decisions based on what you say. Your calculations must be accurate and your work must be thorough.

Do these key skills sound like you?


Step 2 – Get CeMAP qualified

If you already have those key skills, all you need now is to become CeMAP qualified.

CeMAP stands for The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice. It’s a QCF Level 3 qualification specific to the UK and is highly respected in the financial sector. For a mortgage advisor career, the CeMAP qualification truly is the benchmark.

CeMAP is studied in seven units which are assessed in three modules. You’ll learn all the knowledge and skills needed to start advising clients and, once you’re qualified, you’re ready to get to work!

At Simply Academy we love to see our students succeed. Our tutors are friendly, experienced and approachable and our course materials are up-to-date and easy to understand; a perfect combination for success.


Step 3 – Start your brand new career!

With your CeMAP qualification you’re ready to start your new and exciting career as a mortgage advisor. You can work at an establishment such as a bank, building society or mortgage broker, or work as an independent advisor. Either way you have the potential to earn a fantastic salary while developing a long-lasting career with outstanding progression routes.

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