Choosing the Right Mortgage Adviser Training for You

25 September 2017

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With mortgage products, applications, and house prices seeing a constant rise in numbers at the moment, it is no wonder people are looking to get qualified and start an exciting new, and potentially lucrative career as a mortgage adviser. With the increased popularity of the job role comes a flood of mortgage adviser courses offering potential students varying options to study and achieve, but knowing how to approach your training with the best view for your own success is vital. Here is Simply Academy’s guide to choosing the right mortgage adviser training course for you.

The Right Qualification

Before choosing the right training provider, the first thing to look at is what qualification you need to become a mortgage adviser. Over 80% of UK mortgage advisers hold the Certificate in Mortgage Advise and Practice (CeMAP) making it the most widely recognised, while generally being regarded as the benchmark qualification. Choosing to undertake a CeMAP course means you will study three modules, including UK financial regulations, mortgage laws and applications, and once qualified you can gain employment straight away in the sector.

The Right Course Type

How you are going to study and achieve your qualification is an important consideration. Think about your learning style; do you absorb information better when someone is explaining it to you? Would you feel more comfortable learning with other people, giving you the opportunity to discuss the topics as well as ask questions to the course tutor? If this feels like the right way for you to learn, then attending a classroom-based mortgage adviser course would be the perfect route to suit you. However, if attending a classroom-based course is not feasible, or you just prefer to work at your own pace at a convenient time, then distance learning with an e-course would be a great option. This way you will be able to access your training as and when you can, giving you the ability to study around your other commitments.

The Right Provider

When you have chosen the qualification you wish to undertake, as well as the right method of training, then it’s time to find the right training provider to help you become a mortgage adviser. While there are many training providers online offering CeMAP training in a number of different ways, remember to do a little research to find out exactly what they can offer you. Some good questions to ask are:

  • How long have they been an established training provider of CeMAP?
  • Are they an approved training provider of the London Institute of Banking and Finance? (The LIBF are the awarding body for CeMAP, so their seal of approval is highly important).
  • Do they offer the right type of training for you i.e. classroom-based or distance learning?
  • Do they provide the most up-to-date and current course materials to ensure you are learning the right syllabus?
  • Do they have a dedicated support team to provide you with assistance throughout your learning journey, and do are their tutors experienced within the industry?

It is understandable that cost is always going to be a factor in most people’s minds when looking to undertake new training. There are plenty of providers who are offering seemingly similar mortgage adviser courses for varying prices, but by asking the above questions, you will be able to clearly determine the right provider for you.

Simply Academy have been an established financial training school for over 10 years, and have trained over 10,000 students in the industry. For more information on how we can help you become a mortgage adviser, simply visit our CeMAP course page or alternatively get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable student support team on 01279 874 430. We look forward to welcoming you on to your chosen course.

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